sdkmanager_0.9.12-4180_amd64 won't show the "Continue" button

Hi all.

I’ve installed the latest sdkmanager and it won’t show the “Continue” button.
I’ve put the Jetson on recovery mode properly (lsusb).
I was thinking this might be because of the sdkmanager version? Can you guys release the previous version so I could check that out?

No errors show up in the terminal.

Hi zasxstuff,

Can you please specify at which part it won’t show the “Continue” button?
A screenshot or logs would be helpful.

Hi there.

I was about to take a screenshot of the problem when out of a sudden the “Continue” button showed up. Dunno what happened, but the sdkmanager seems to be working now.

I’m gonna try the 4.2 soon enough.