Sdkmanager not accept user account credentials on ubuntu 18.04 lts host machine.!?!?


I need your help. I’ve just installed the sdkmanager 1.0.15538 application on Ubuntu 18.04 lts host linis machine, but launching the sdkmanger when the window pop-up com out, I’m not able to access to the using the account the I normally use to access via web at the same link address (that is always successfull). Please note that my user credentials to access to nvidia account is my gmail account.

Did you know why ? Can you help me ?

Thanks in advance.

Not sure if it’s your issue,but I know it doesn’t save a very long password. I have to re-enter mine every time I start SDK Manager. If you have a very long email it could be truncating that or something like it appears to do the password.