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Hello Nvidia Community,

I’m trying to boot a Jetson Orin Nano, and flashing the sdk image does not boot the device. After a couple of hours of research, it seems I need to run the sdkmanager application. After creating an account, etc, it’s currently saying “OOPS! No SDKs are available for your account”

Has anyone successfully run the sdkmanager to get a Jetson Orin Nano image onto an SD card for booting? Are there any tips for getting a Jetson Orin Nano to boot?
You don’t necessarily need SDK Manager.

That link leads to the Orin Nano “Getting Started Guide” link that is causing the problems

  1. Download the sdcard image
  2. write the image to 64G micro SDcard
  3. Insert SDcard into Orin Nano, attach keyboard, mouse, monitor (displayport)
  4. Power on Orin Nano
  5. Orin Nano Fails to boot
  6. Try different SDcard, try downloading image again, etc. no luck.

That’s why I’m interested in the sdkmanager, because the “getting started” link says I’ll need that to update QSPI which is done with sdkmanager. I have installed sdkmanager, and I can run it, it logs into my developer account, and then gives the “OOPS!” message that there are no sdks in my account.

The link you’ve provided also leads to a “Flashing Support” link, which seems to involve downloading bootloader, kernel, and root filesystem. Is that the method I should follow to get the Orin Nano to boot?

YES, it does the same thing as SDK Manager.

The Flashing Support instructions say the Orin Nano should be connected to a host with microUSB. I don’t have microUSB on my Orin Nano. Do the instructions mean USB-C?

Yes, it is USB-C since it is orin nano.
MicroUSB is for nano I think.

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It looks like a lot of setup needs to be put into place before trying the “Flash Support” method. Do I understand correctly, that there are two methods for booting an Orin Nano?

  1. The “Getting Started” method (which fails for me) involves putting a bootable image on the microSD, then insert microSD into Orin Nano, and boot.
  2. The “Flash Support” method involves assembling the pieces (bootloader, kernel, rootfilesystem), connecting the Orin Nano over USB to a host, and then use the host to flash the Orin Nano with a special script that one way or another builds the image and it ends up on the microSD card in the Orin Nano?

YES, you are right.
Actually you just need:

$ sudo tar xpf ${SAMPLE_FS_PACKAGE} -C Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/
$ cd Linux_for_Tegra/
$ sudo ./
$ sudo ./tools/


sudo ./ jetson-orin-nano-devkit internal

Thank you for your help!
This is much more involved than I budgeted for, but that’s my fault.
I’ll need to find ${L4_T_RELEASE_PACKAGE} and ${SAMPLE_FS_PACKAGE} for Orin Nano on the Nvidia site somewhere?

Are you sure that should be used? Don’t the docs say that is the standard for Orin Nano?


They don’t make much difference if you don’t need OTA or stuff like that.

Thanks for the links!