sdkmanager downloads as tar.gz, instructions only for .deb


If I follow the official instructions on and press the download button, I get a file called sdkmanager- of size 87M. The further instructions on that page assume I downloaded a .deb file.

However, if I follow the instructions on I get a file called sdkmanager_0.9.12-4180_amd64.deb of 63M. I will try the rest of the instructions with this.

Why the different files and file sizes? Is there a way to deploy the .tar.gz? It unpacks into a folder structure.

Gr. Pim

Hi pimpim,

There seems issue at downloading sever, please wait for a while, then try again at later today.


I still have the same problem. Can we have a temporary solution until the main issue is resolved?

Please try again now, we have a new release today, see