Sdkmanager Drive Orin Flash OS 6.0.6 fails

Dear SivaRamaKrishnaNV

Sorry I was out of town for a week in Germany and could not reply sooner. To answer your questions , I have no checked multiple times and I cannot put the device in recovery mode . As to the questions:

Is this board used at office or car?
Right now is used in the office but we will eventually go to the car.

Did you receive wire to connect host and target in Devkit and using the same wire?

If by “wire” you mean a usb debug cable , I got one with the box. I tried to use the one I use with my Jetson Orin but they are not compatible. I only have one cable.

Could you share the board connection pictures as well?
Please see below:

Could you check and share the events on host when running tegrarecovery x1 on tegrareset x1 . You can monitor the events using sudo udevadm monitor command on host

khorasa@VWGOATFLDEV328995:~$ sudo udevadm monitor
monitor will print the received events for:
UDEV - the event which udev sends out after rule processing
KERNEL - the kernel uevent

Aurix Console :
tegrarecovery x1 on
Info: Executing cmd: tegrarecovery, argc: 2, args: x1 on
Command Executed

NvShell>tegrareset x1
Info: Executing cmd: tegrareset, argc: 1, args: x1
MCU_FOH: MCU FOH : Power state notification for Orin reset
INFO: BtChn_Cfg: No valid next bootchain loaded
MCU_FOH: SPI : E2E_P05Check Status : 7 : 0
INFO: MCU_PLTFPWRMGR: Tegra reset trigger is complete !
Command Executed
MCU_FOH: MCU FOH : Power state notification for Orin Power On
MCU_FOH: Spi Transmit Started
MCU_FOH: SPI : E2E_P05Check Status : 7 : 0
MCU_FOH: SPI : E2E_P05Check Status : 7 : 0
MCU_FOH: SOC error pin is de-asserted
MCU_FOH: Periodic Report: KeyOfSeed-0xffff
MCU_FOH: Periodic Report[0]:SystemFailureId-0xabcd, MaturationState-0xef, Failure_Attribute-0x22
MCU_FOH: Periodic Report[9]:SystemFailureId-0x1234, MaturationState-0x56, Failure_Attribute-0xee
MCU_FOH: SOC error pin is asserted
MCU_FOH: ErrReport: ErrorCode-0x1012 ReporterId-0xe00e Error_Attribute-0x0 Timestamp-0x617ca31
MCU_FOH: ErrReport: ErrorCode-0x89abcdef ReporterId-0x8013 Error_Attribute-0x0 Timestamp-0x617dd19
INFO : MCU_ISTMGR: IST Manager initialized to send/receive commands
MCU_FOH: ErrReport: ErrorCode-0x100c ReporterId-0xe00e Error_Attribute-0x0 Timestamp-0x224f84d9
MCU_FOH: ErrReport: ErrorCode-0x100c ReporterId-0x800e Error_Attribute-0x1002 Timestamp-0x224f8999

Is this a duplicate to Sdkmanager Drive Orin Flash OS 6.0.6 fails?

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