Sdkmanager flash app only

How to use sdkmanager flash application (cuda,multimedia )only except fo jetson os image.

If you are asking about adding applications, then this isn’t really flashing. All it does is use ssh to run apt-get commands. You could do this manually, or you could do it via JetPack/SDKM by unchecking everything except the applications you are interested in to the Jetson (you can uncheck many operations which do not look intuitively like they can be checked/unchecked).

Addition of applications is always fully booted without recovery mode. Actual flash is with recovery mode.

When speaking of the APP partition, we are speaking of the root filesystem flash. This erases everything and starts fresh, unless you are using a clone. You cannot mix the APP of one release with the applications of another release.

Are you asking about adding applications without mixing releases? Or are you asking about flashing?

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