Sdkmanager issue

Logging into the proper developer portal.
Verified access from browser on machine.
Get the Oops issue.
Log attached.

Any help?

Thanks,sdkm.loggz (34.6 KB)

Hello Robert,

From the log, Timeout occurred when downloading the following json files:

We need check whether this is temporary server issue or CDN issue.
Are you able to manually download them in a file browser?

  • If yes, can you please try with SDK Manager again?
  • If not, can you please let us know which country are you in?

The interesting part is the first file came down successfully: sdkml1_repo.json.

I can get to the other files through a browser successfully that fialed through sdkmanager.

I tried again with sdk manager but no success, same failure.

I am in the US in New Hampshire.

Is there some directory i can clear out that may have some stuff cached causing a snafu?

I cant explain why the first file comes down, but subsequent do not…

here is the log from subsequent requestsdkm.log.another.loggz (12.0 KB)

Hi, Robert,
Could you share your account username and ip address to help investigate the problem? Thanks!

I believe the account name is robert.tillson and whatismyipaddress returns

login is email,

Hi Robert,
From server side log, we can only see the history of downloading sdkml1_repo.json from ip by SDK Manager.

The error ESOCKETTIMEDOUT, might indicate a timeout between the client and server. |t’s possibly an overloaded CDN, but also possibly a company network straining from WFH traffic.

Also lots of other clients seemed to be downloading this content during the same time frame, could you try again to see if it works now?

I can try again,but I have already tried 10’s of times all acting exactly the same with zero variability…