SDL compatibility and no C/C++ properties with CUDA project

Two problems.

First is I can’t get SDL up and running with CUDA at the same time. Needless to say, I have the dependencies SDL.lib and SDLmain.lib set up as well as ‘include’ and ‘library’ locations in the VC++ directories section, and I of course #include “SDL.h” in the file. When I try to compile, I receive these errors:

If I try to use /NODEFAULTLIB, I get the error:

Okay that’s the first problem. Now the second. Usually when I create a non-CUDA C/C++ project, I get the options under: Configuration Properties -> C/C++. However, when creating a CUDA project (set up initially via CUDA VS Wizard), this section has now disappeared. This seems odd, because for the host side, one may still want to use some of those compiler options (such as Maximize Speed (/O2)). Any ideas how I can get it back?

********* EDIT **************

I’ve just found that if I include one cpp file with the project (even if it’s empty), Visual Studio brings up the C/C++ properties. I presume this is normal.