SDL + OpenGL interop ?

As a WM for opengl i prefer SDL to glut, and so for my first CUDA/opengl interop i decided to use SDL. When I try to compile the project (x64 debug), all works well up to the linking of the SDL libs. It cannot resolve references to fundamental sdl functions like SDL_Quit and SDL_Init. My assumption is that it is due to SDL being a 32bit lib, but I am not sure.
I should probably have mentioned that I’m using Visual Studio 9 on vista 64.
Has anyone managed to use SDL+OpenGL+CUDA ? or does anyone possibly have a solution to my problem. I tried building the 32bit version, but because I installed the 64bit CUDA sdk, I don’t seem to have libs such as cutil32D (and have cutil64D instead).

Any help is much appreciated.