Seamless Bootlogo Jetson Nano


What do i want to achieve:
A seamless bootlogo - a bootlogo on the Jetson Nano that will be displayed without any interrupts until the linux kernel and the ubuntu system is completely booted into the gui.
I now have tried variouse approaches, without success.

What i have tried:

  • Kernel patches and config to use the kernel bootlogo - No success
  • Plymouth configuration and mods - No success
  • Bootargs - No success
  • maybe more but i cant recall…

Currently i am looking into the HDMI-Driver. Here i was able to at least delay the overwriting of the initial Nvidia bootlogo but i ran into some error that keept the Kernel from booting correctly. Due to some hardware limitations i am not able to debug atm.

Further steps:
It might be possible to keep the kernel drivers from overwriting the initial bootlogo but i am not sure if there is a hardware reset that is not avoidable - i am currently looking into that.

Maybe i am missing something here.
Does anone already have achieved a seamless bootlogo?


Do you mean the log after nvidia logo is bothersome?


no, i want it to be shown until the system ist completely bootet into the gui. Without any flickering, blackscreen or bootmessages.


Turning off the log still leads to some time of a blackscreen.