Seams when using normal maps in Omniverse Create

When using normal maps in Omniverse Create (2021.1.0), seams may be visible at the boundaries.
This may be resolved with MikkTSpace.

sample file(cyawan.usdz).Please unzip and use this.
cyawan.usdz (1.2 MB)

Omniverse Create (2021.1.0):

Looking at the same usd file in AR Quick Look on iPhone is normal.

The normal map in the material texture slot needs to be set to colorspace RAW

Actually, looks like in UsdPreviewSurface, that colorspace is not working. I will look into it.

Meanwhile, using OmniPBR and setting the colorspace works

Thanks for the confirmation.
I have confirmed that specifying colorspace RAW in the Normal Map in OmniPBR works well.

yep that one caught me a couple of times as well

suggestion - any normal map should default to raw rather than this being set via the extension (maybe any slot that accepts an image based data input other than user defined colour should be similar?)

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I filed an bug report for your use case. Thanks for the feedback.

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