Search for best cc4 path traced render settings

I have some kind of a quest going on here.
Let´s start with default cc4 USD (path traced mode) exports.
I try to find out best cc4 path traced render settings, since these always seem to take quite much time to render…

Rendertime 7 sec per frame.

First thing I tried was raising the Samples per Pixel per Frame but that always jumped to 1.

So I found out that this value is over-ridden by the value of Machinima / Movie Capture / Samples per Pixel per iteration ( usefull for multi-GPU ). I know from render farm experience, that this can be raised very high like even to 1000 and on multi-gpu workstation rendering times are much faster… But changing this default 1 to 3 also made my single A6000 to render faster! from 7 sex to 6 sec :)

First thing to do after this is to lower the Firefly Filtering to 100.

Still 6 sec / frm but noise from Eyes are almost all gone.

Firefly Filter 50, 25 and finally 10. All the time better and render times are just the same - 6 sec / frm.

Next to test is the Denoising, I lowered it from 0.3 to 0.15
No visible difference at all. So I keep it 0.3 since the more you have it ( smaller number) the more it eats out skin details…

Now I bring in motion blur.
First 30 samples / 5 motion blur sub frames:

Totally noise free and crisp clear, but 3 x rendering time.

I lowered the samples from 30 to 20 so it rendered 1/3 faster.
But I see some noise at the hair…

From this on I am shooting at the dark. If you have any ideas please share them here? I can also send you the scene as PM.

I made small changes just by hunch.
First I lowered the path tracing / max bounces from default 4 to 3.

I cannot see any visible change in quality, at least with this shot where I have just one distant light and no white floor etc. to bounce from.

I also raised the Samples per pixel per iteration from 3 to 5.

I hope this helps with the noise at hair…

Unfortunately, raising the Samples per pixel per iteration to 5 or even to 10 is not helping at all, it gives more noise…

So back to 3 with that on the next test :P

Samples per pixel per iteration back at 3.
I tried to drop the motion blur subframes to 3. No good, noise at hair:

Motion blur back to 5.
Render time 9 sec / frm.
Now we a re good BUT the reflection in the eye is pretty bad.

FireFly from 10 to 1.
No help for the eye reflection noise…

So back to 10 with next test…

Raising Max Specular bounces to 100 did not help. Back to default 6 with that…

So this far I made it myself. Now I would love to get so help from gurus. How to fix the eye reflection issue? How about blurring the reflection of bright noisy light with Roughness settings of the eye material?


I tried with Denoising 0 (max) but it did not solve the noise on eye reflection, and its also a poor solution to max this out since we loose so much of the skin detail.

Back to 0.3 with Denoising. Now I really need your thoughts :)

Please increase the total number of samples to 256 and set the denoiser weight to 0.2. This will increase your render time, but I’m curious to see the result.

I used 50, since 50 samples x 5 motion blur = 250 total samples, or did you meant something else here?

I think you did since this one did not solved the noise on eye but it blew the rendertime :D

Here is the roughness reflection idea.

The ball have default OmniPBR surface with Reflactivity / Roughness 0.25

Totally noise free.

If we could have this kinda soft reflections on eyes, it could be some kind of a solution…

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roughness map influence is missing with this. I cannot tweak that.

I found the setting from CC4. But the roughness I setup there is not effective in Omniverse.

Here is the video showing this:

In the end there is visible that there is 2 different reflections of the light. Even if I raise the roughness from material setting the other reflection stay sharp…

Please help?

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