Search for best cc4 path traced render settings

Hi Pekka

Thank you for sharing this detailed experience. I’d like to share my experiences and its result as my settings with you.

My graphic card is RTX 3060 (12.1GB) so I can’t increase some settings because of rendering time. I wait mostly 100-120 hours rendering time for almost 11.000-15.000 frames but the result is ok for me.

Please look at that, maybe it will be useful for you.

For Path Tracing Mode
Max Bounce:32
Total Samples:256
Frame rate: 60FPS
Resolution: HD
Sample per pixel:20
Path Trace Sample:10
Enabled motion blur
Subframes perframe:10
for the lightning:
Outside: Noon_Grass environment and intensity mostly between 1200 - 1400 for outside
Inside: Rectangle light, intensity 800-1000

When I use these settings, I have almost satisfied results with my Graphic card.

If you didn’t try these settings before, please try.Regards

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