Second Ethernet (eth1) doesn't work after update 4.4.1 to 4.6

I use custom carrier board with two Ethernet channels (with modules AGX Xavier + intel i210 on carrier board). After updating Jetpack from version 4.4.1 to version 4.6 one Ethernet channel doesn’t work. Please help! here are the screenshots on the same pc with different Jetpack versions.!

Learn how to file a topic clearly first. Do not share anything as a image fike unless we ask for you to do so.
Share the dmesg and lspci as text file please.

we’ll have access to the board in two days and will reply to you after, please do not close the topic till then

we’ve prepared two files for you - 1) Jetpack 4.4.1 2) Jetpack 4.6JP4_4_1 (71.1 KB)
JP4_6 (69.6 KB)

Please give your recommendations.

[ 1.962384] eqos 2490000.ether_qos: failed to read eqos_auto_cal_config_0_reg
[ 1.962502] eqos 2490000.ether_qos: invalid settings : rx-frames must be enabled along with use_riwt in DT
[ 1.962720] Coalescing parameters incorrect
[ 1.963622] eqos: probe of 2490000.ether_qos failed with error -22

What kind of “upgrade” method did you use? It looks like your device tree version is not compatible with your kernel version.

As our carrier board doesn’t have interface USB type-C, we flash AGX module with SDK Manager, then add the file .dtb, edit the file by adding FDT /boot/dtb/.dtb to extlinux.conf
USB_ON.rar (39.5 KB)


You shouldn’t use a device tree from jetpack4.4 while your kernel is already updated to jp4.6.

We have device tree only for JP4.4 How can we get device tree with USB-A enabled (DTB or DTS file) for JP4.6? As our root task to have operational USB-A connector .

Why it sounds like you didn’t write the device tree by yourself?

If you have the knowledge to change the device tree for jetpack4.4, you shall also be able to do the same work on jetpack4.6.

Yes I did not . The person had left the company. If you suggest the right link where i can read the information related to USB-A enabling in DTS

please refer to the adaptation guide for usb porting.

Thank you, we updated the device tree from Jetpack 4.6 , usb work, 2 ethernet channels work, so the problem’s solved.

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