Second monitor connected to motherboard vga port not working

I am using Ubuntu 20.04 with the gtx 1050 GPU.
I have one monitor connected to the gpu via HDMI and another one connected to the motherboard port via VGA.
When i use Nouveau display driver i get display in both monitors but when i switch to NVIDIA driver 515 the second monitor is not detected.
Multi-monitor is enabled in BIOS menu. Xrandr does not list any of the motherboard ports when i use the nvidia driver. Also downgrading to any older nvidia driver didn’t solve the problem.
Please help me resolve the issue.

Hello @babistheod95 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Let’s start off with a little more detail. With the NVIDIA driver installed and enabled can you please run as root and provide the output here as an attachment?

What else beside using the Nouveau driver have you tried so far?