Second Monitor loses connect at login - Grid - M10 - 1Q


We have several windows 10 users with dual screen setups on teradici zero clients. Whenever, one of these users logs in for the first time, the right monitor immediately goes to sleep and does not come back on while in session. The mouse cursor on the left monitor gets stuck on the right side of the screen. Attempting to move it causes it to jump back to the right side of the screen. Our current fix is to disconnect the sessiont (not log off), the connect again and the issue goes away 100% of the time. We can also disconnect the dvi cable for the "on" monitor and connect it again and both screens pop up. Again, this is 100 percent of the time.

This issue is also seen on horizon view pc clients, same symptoms and same fix, except that in this case the fix is to simply resize the window and the second monitor appears.

Upon logoff and back on the issue appears again. The view agent is version 7.0.3 and the zero client version is 5.4. The view client is version 4.3 and the grid driver version is ESXI is version 6.0. We resolved the issue for some users by swapping enough zero clients and dvi cables until it stopped, but that takes hours to weeks to find something that works. Is this a known issue and is there any fix or way to force the second monitor to connect on first login?

Hi Greg,

did you open a ticket with VMWare? Doesn’t sound to be a NV driver related issue. First of all I would recommend to test with the latest NV driver: GRID4.4. Your current confiuration is GRID4.2 so there are new drivers available. In addition you should most likely test with Horizon 7.3.1 to see if the issue is still reproducable.



Yes. I currently have a ticket open with VMware. It’s going nowhere fast so far, so I figured I would check here until I heard back from them again.

Thanks for the reply. I have downloaded the latest drivers for testing and will apply them when I am back at the office tomorrow. I will also test disabling the vmware display driver and see if that resolves anything.

Figured it out. I had to reinstall vmware tools without the svga adapter, then reinstall the nvidia driver and recompose. Weird, since the pictures in the installation guide shows the driver installed with the nvidia one in device manager.

Okay this issue is now occurring again now that we have upgraded our environment and the nvidia graphics driver to 392.05. Here is another issue, When I look at the “select displays you want to use” option in the nvidia control panel, one monitor shows “nvidia vgx” and the other shows “vmware vd”. Why wouldn’t both show as nvidia vgx?

We are having the same issue. Were you able to find a resolution?

I’m having the same issue.
please update it with the working solution.