Secondary engine 0 fps


I have a ResNet as SGIE. Currently, when I try to run the deepstream-app with file saving, I keep getting 0 FPS. There are no errors until I quit the program. Upon quitting, I see ‘downstream is not seekable’.
Now, I had changed the filesink to use splitmux instead. Is there any compatibility issue with using splitmuxsink and sgie? Because when I switch back to using the original code that uses filesink, it works for me. (Without using SGIE, splitmuxsink works perfectly well).
This happens only on the splitmuxsink + sgie. Works well on RTSP Sink, Fake Sink, etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

Don’t suggest use splitmuxsink, we have streamdemux for deepstream.

Oh! I managed to get it working by setting the async-handling flag to True.
But my purpose of using splitmuxsink was to have 2-3 min files. Does streamdemux help to do that?

streamdemux does not support splitting of the files