'Section Tool' Extension Interactions with Flow Point Clouds

The ‘Section Tool’ Kit extension does not affect point clouds in Omniverse create.

In scenes with both UsdGeomMesh components and flow point clouds, the clipping plane will omit the meshes but not the clouds - so it’s certainly functioning, just lacking the capability to affect Flow Point Cloud voxels. Is there any plan to add this feature?

If this worked intuitively, it would be an incredibly powerful tool for aligning CAD models with as-built point cloud data, and it would give access to much better rendering perspectives for comparison. [The best thing I can do for alignment right now is mess with my camera clipping planes to create the illusion of a clipping plane, but this only works in the plane orthogonal to the camera vector and only works in one direction.]

ALSO: It appears the clipping plane kit extension is out of date → I had initially tried using it on Create 2021.3.7 and Create crashes upon trying to enable it. Moving back to version 2021.3.5 resolved this. Is this easily resolved on my end or is it something the developers need to update?

Hello @LMTraina99! Thank you for your post. I have sent it over to the development team so that they can help answer your questions!

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Hi @LMTraina99! Sorry this took awhile to get back to you. The development team did some testing of your issue and discovered that this is indeed a bug that needs to be fixed. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

(For your reference, internal bug #OM-43590)

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