Secure boot tools contents for Jetpack 5.1 (L4T 35.2.1)

Hi Team,

For Jetpack 5.1 (L4T 35.2.1), secure boot package is inside the BSP folder.
But I can’t find it, I want to know what are the exact contents of the secure boot package.
I need to use those only.


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hello kisk31,

may I know how you setup the development environment?
you may using SDK Manager - NVIDIA Developer for JetPack image installation.
those tools will be download to your local host machine,
the default path as following… ~/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/JetPack_5.1.1_Linux_JETSON_AGX_XAVIER_TARGETS/Linux_for_Tegra/

please see-also developer guide, Security as see-also.

Need it for Avermedia NX for SD card flashing, until Jetpack 5.0.2 there will be a secureboot package which has been copied to the Avermedia BSP corresponding to the Jetpack version.
And then the Avermedia BSP has been flashed to the SD card.
Because of that only I would be needing the secureboot package contents of Jetpack 5.1 for the flashing.

had you also contact with vendor for supports?

Yeah, I have contacted the vendor. They suggested to try the entire process from the secure boot page: Secure Boot — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation
Which is challenging for me, so only I’m asking for a alternate way which can be easier to work with. Please let me know.

hello kisk31,

wait… may I know what’s the storage types.

we don’t support SecureBoot on Xavier NX with SD card.
you’ll need to enable it SecureBoot on Xavier NX with internal eMMC (i.e. production module).

Its a production module with Internel eMMC.

Hii Chang,

Is there any easier way to do SecureBoot for a SD card?

it’s not supported. SecureBoot only works with production modules.

Thanks for your reply.
So do I need to contact my vendor for secureboot of their production modules ?
Or Is there any other way ?

this meant only the storage with internal eMMC able to support SecureBoot.
please see-also Topic 170412.

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