Secure Boot


  1. There is a very nice presentation for the secure boot up to TX2:

Can I get such a presentation for Xavier? Does the secure boot process in Xavier is the same like in TX2 as it described in the presentation?

  1. NVidia provides Secure Boot Package for the L4T R28/2. Does such a package exists for L4T R31.4 (that supports Xavier)?

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hello alexvo,

you might refer to Jetson AGX Xavier Boot Flow and found the boot flow is different with TX2.
we will investigate Xavier’s secureboot internally, will get back to you once we had conclusions.

Is this still under investigation?

hello jth214,

we had publish documentation to include Xavier security in 2019.July, please refer to Security chapter for details.
you may also found Secureboot documentation and Tools via download center.


I am interested in more detailed explanation of Xavier and TX2 boot flow too. Especially in loading and checking signatures.
Do you load all software from flash to SDRAM (or to SysRAM) before checking signatures? In general, how do you avoid TOCTOU issue like in Intel Boot Guard?

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Please help to open a new topic for your issue. Thanks

Hi kayccc,

I opened a new topic here.