Secure Erase

Im running some computer vision software on a Xavier NX which can run off either micro SD or m.2 SSD depending on the configuration

A potential customer is v security conscious and wants to protect against someone being able to extract any data from this device if it is stolen.

I would like to add a function where my software and every bit of associated data is irrecoverably deleted if the network connection to this device is unexpectedly lost for a predefined time. Any suggests on how I could go about implementing this? I don’t mind if the whole operating system needs to be deleted.

If it turns out that the data is not truly irrecoverable, then even making it v hard to recover would still be better than nothing.

Thanks in advance

hello alex15,

instead of erase the whole operating system, here’s Jetson Security you may refer to.
note, this is only support with eMMC.

hi @JerryChang, to be extra safe, is there also a way of auto-deleting files/folders in a hard to recover manner? I think if I talk about the Nvidia Encrypted disk + the auto file deletion that would sound like its pretty impossible to get access to the data.

hello alex15,

may I know what’s the scenario for auto-deleting if you’d enable Jetson Security,
could you please elaborate, thanks

hello alex15,

I would like to emphasize that.
the disk encryption scheme is design to handle this case, it’s data encryption scheme to protect your sensitive content, you don’t need to worry data being leak unless the password has stolen as well.

please define what’s the status of “hard to recover”, and how you detect this?

Thanks Jerry, that’s good to know.

However, I just realised that you said this is only supported eith eMMC. With the NX, I have found that once Jetpack is installed plus the extras like DeepStream, there’s no really any room left to do anything. So a micoSD or m.2 SSD must be used instead. Your method might still be ok on an AGX though I’d imagine. Unless there is a way around this with the NX?

hello alex15,

these are currently not supported for Jetson Security.