Secure jetson webservices and protecting models | business


i´m working on a custom webengine for jetson based applications, as middle btw. frontend.

Problem 1: File size reduction and easy installation on ARM64 devices Currently, it’s a challenge to minimize the file size of our web engines like nodejs, python or static c. I want to ensure it can be easily installed on all ARM64 , JETSON devices.

Solution 1: File size reduction and easy installation To address this issue, I am developing a web engine available as a static binary package that is extremely compressed and uses one encrypted boot image. This minimizes the file size, save the flash cells on SSD cards, and by utilizing cross-platform technologies. I start with chrome engine with crosscompile and implement encryption layers based on soft- and later maybe hardware crypto-chips.

Problem 2: Script security and safeguarding knowledge Another challenge is ensuring the security of our scripts and preventing unauthorized dissemination of knowledge. I know that everyone wants to have access to the source, but in production, we have also to find a way how to protect our work and that protection class and app must be open access for everyone.

Solution 2: Script security and knowledge safeguarding To tackle this challenge, I’m implementing security measures such as encryption techniques and access controls. This ensures that only authorized users can access sensitive data. Through these security measures, we can bolster customer trust and ensure their information remains protected.

Let me know your thougts and minds.

Thanks Gary, it’s good to have someone looking at this stuff for the production end of things. As the purveyor of jetson-min-disk and our resident mass-flashing expert, @cyato probably can share his experiences RE: image size reduction (I get that is important for pushing updates to edge devices remotely, and slightly at odds with the ever-increasing size of the containers…)

And @suhash knows a lot about secure boot and disk encryption support in JetPack if you need any help there.

Perfect! Thanks!