Secure NX WIFI antenna connector

Xavier NX devkit has an M.2 plug-in WLAN and Bluetooth® module. However, the antenna connector for the WLAN/BT module is very loose. They are very easy to be disconnected. Is there a way to secure the connector, for example, glue or solder?

For M.2 cards we use 3d-printed plastic parts that go over the end of the module, held in place by the mounting screw and presses down the IPEX/MHF or MHF4 connectors. Works okay for us. You will need a longer mounting screw.

Hold by one screw?

The one that also holds down the M.2 module at the top.

Can I use Liquid Electrical Tape?

Never used that. My fear would be that something would creep into the connector making it unusable.

I am looking for this glue How to replace snap on IPX antenna on FrSky and many other brands - YouTube

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