SecureBoot Fuse testing

I have looked through the documentation and tutorial video for Jetson Security and Secure Boot but some items are still unclear. I am working on a project that is trying to use SecureBoot and Trusty, but I want to be able to try out the features without modifying any hardware. Is it possible to test out the fuses without actually burning them into the hardware? Is it possible to use the crypto SE without using the fuses?


hello john.durkop,

please also access secureboot packages via download center.
you may also found there’s --test option in the fuse script,
since the fuse burning can’t be reverted, you may enable that for testing, no fuses will be really burned,

Thanks for the tip on the --test option. That might be useful for testing out the portion that will be used to program the fuses. Is there a similar method that can be used to ensure the values can be used from the Jetson platform once the system is up and running? Trying to make sure we are confident in both the programming of the fuses as well as being able to read from them when the system is operational.

hello john.durkop,

you may also refer to Accessing the Fuse from the Target,
there’s an approach to access fuses from the target board after it boots up.