Securing Jetson Nano 4GB

I am currently using Jetson Nano 4GB Development Kit with a 16GB eMMC for a drone application within my product. My primary concern is to implement robust security measures to prevent unauthorised access or re-flashing of the device by end customers. I want to restrict access to critical files and functionalities only through the use of a secure password or key.

Could anyone kindly provide guidance on how I can effectively secure the Jetson Nano to ensure that customers cannot tamper with the system, while still allowing authorised access through a secure authentication mechanism?

hello bhaskar2,

as you can see in Topic 169707.
you may enable Secureboot, the concept of Secureboot is to prevent execution of unauthorized code during boot process through chain-of-trust; those authenticates boot components (such as, Boot Configuration Table, bootloader binaries, and warmboot vector) were signed using private key.