Security Bulletin: NVIDIA GPU Display Driver - November 2022

> Hi, we just found out, that there is a security problem with some NVIDIA GPU Display Drivers. Here is a description: Security Bulletin: NVIDIA GPU Display Driver - November 2022 | NVIDIA
> is there any way to find out if one/some of our laptops/workstations are affected? Maybe over Intune or so?

I took a message from Chief Information Security Officer he asked me to check if any of our computers are affected.How can we check our users Computers ?



I am moving this topic from the Networking category to the driver’s forum for visibility.

Hello @174313,

You should use your usual system administration tool to check the environments of your users and verify that none are running any of the affected driver versions listed in the relevant sections of the Security Bulletin. MS Intune shoul dbe able to give you that kind of information about the users devices.

Or you can enforce that every device with an NVIDIA GPU always automatically updates to the latest or at least the latest fixed driver version.

NVIDIA does not provide a tool that would check every computer in your network for these vulnerabilities. You will need to use standard Windows or Linux deployment tools for network administration.

I hope this helps!