Security Control Register (SCR) info

The Xavier Series SoC Technical Reference Manual 1.4p glossary directs one to the Control Fabric chapter for how the Security Control Register (SCR) are programmed. The chapter however does not exist. Where may I find more information on these?

The definition for SNIC similarly refers to a non-existant Control Fabric chapter.

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Hi @raul.tambre ,

The TRM isn’t part of DRIVE releases. May we know what you’re trying to do? Thanks.

I’m trying to better understand the Xavier SoC.
Where should such questions be directed? The TRM isn’t part of any other release either as far as I know.

It’s in Jetson Download Center, right?
I’m checking with an internal team for the missing problem you pointed out and will let you know if any update. Thanks.

That’s true. The SoC specific information isn’t specific to the Jetson line, so that’s why I ended up posting in the forum more familiar to me.
Feel free to move the thread.

Any update on extra information on this subject?

Sorry for the delay.

got confirmation from our team that we are not releasing SCR register details. We will update the TRM to remove these sentences with the next TRM release. It may take a while though.

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