Security update to L4T 32.7.4


I received the official Security Bulletin notification and am wondering how to apply it to my system.
I have couple Xavier NXs that are running L4T 32.7.3 and according to the document, they can be patched to L4T 32.7.4.
My question is, do I have to use the Nvidia JetPack SDK to update the system? Is there any command line interface-friendly way or related guide to apply these kinds of security patches w/o the SDK?

Thank you!


In genreral, customer can upgrade to newer release by either SDK manager or the flash script command.
Please wait for our announcement for the coming JetPack release w/ security update.

Do we have any ways to do it over-the-air?

One more question, do these security update could be applied to 3rd party custom boards?

The update should work via OTA if that’s devkit.
For 3rd party custom board, the vendor/customer need to migation on L4T32.7.4 to get those security fixes.

So…what could actually happen if I use the Nvidia apt server to do OTA updates to point & minor releases on custom boards?

Cause most of the custom board manufacturers won’t release these new patches on time so I am thinking could we just patch the devices via Nvidia apt server.


I don’t have answer whether this can work on custom board or not.

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