Security updates: 28.3 L4T for TX1


WRT security update 28.3:

Q1: Is there a place to see the open security issues that are pending to be handled in the next release?

Q2: Are there plans to handle the security vulnerability found by Cisco: ?

Q3: As TX1 only support Ubuntu 16.04, how can we make sure we have the most latest security updates for this OS version?

hello ran.banker,

l4t-r28.3 we had several changes for arm-trusted-firmware (ATF) updates.

let me have internal investigation about your questions,

Hi ran.banker,

NVIDIA takes security concerns seriously and works to quickly evaluate and address them. Once a security concern is reported, NVIDIA commits the appropriate resources to analyze, validate and provide corrective actions to address the issue.

Please find the list of published NVIDIA Security Bulletins and Notices from below link: