Seeed A203V SSD mount?

Has anyone had any success mounting SSDs with the Seeed A203V2 board running a Jetson Nano 2GB chip? No wifi module is installed. I’m not seeing anything listed in the dev tree…

You can try to use linux command ‘lspci’ to check whether your SSD has been mounted.

I have tried to mount SSD using Jetson Nano from B01 kit which I have currently, it works and I think it could also work with Jetson Nano 2GB chip.

Just tried a 4GB chip, same behavior with nothing listed. lspci only lists an nvidia PCI bus and eth0. One possible quirk with the Nanos I’m using is they were pulled from developer kits (I need SSD for fast write speeds hence the purchase of these boards). These chips have the SD card slot on them. Boots fine with SD card on the Nvidia module, but not when using the board SD card. Perhaps I need to reflash then use the on-board SD?

Well, seems it is not the problem of the carrier’s design because I have tried eMMC version Nano and SD card Version Nano, both work. Maybe try
another carrier to see whether you could mount SSD. Sorry for not solving your problem because of limited information. The system should be first burned to on-chip SD card or eMMC, not on-board SD card. Plz refer here: NVIDIA Jetson Linux Driver Package Software Features : Flashing and Booting the Target Device | NVIDIA Docs

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