Seeed A206 carrier again - USB issues

Using the A206 board in replacement for the unobtanium nvidia devkit boards we’ve had another issue crop up. A custom usb connected board with a LAN7801 USB3 ethernet has issues initializing on boot and soft reboot. If the custom board or the dev board for the LAN7801 are plugged/re-plugged after boot the device properly initializes as expected.

The visible differences appear to be the USB port power is turned on much later on the nvidia devkit boards compared to the A206, also nvidia uses realtek USB hubs and the A206 uses Microchip. Observation of the dev board indicates the port power is applied shortly after boot on the A206 board and the dev board indicates the chipset goes to suspend, but never wakes. The nvidia board powers the ports much later and the chipset does not go to suspend. We also have a custom carrier for TX2 that works the same (that also uses Microchip hubs)

Obviously there might be several ways to approach fixing this, but does anyone have suggestions that could narrow it down?

Since we don’t use the custom board, it is difficult to suggest next. Please contact vendor of A206 board for further support. Or other users who have used the board may share experience.

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