Seek the similar function like "nppiGraphcut8_32s8u()" in nvGraph library

I write a keyer program using graphcut algorithm,I’m using the “nppiGraphcut8_32s8u()” function to do the final graphcut operation to generate alpha map,and it is ON SDK 7.0 & 7.5,but on SDK 8.0 the function is removed,and the nppGraphcut is replaced by nvGraph,so which function in nvGraph is similar to “nppiGraphcut8_32s8u()”? I’m not familar the graphcut algorithm,I’m just translate the CPU C code to GPU,so I need some help,thanks!

Is there anyone who can help me? I need the sample that using CUDA SDK 8 to do image segmentation,thanks!

Let me correct,I use “nppiGraphcut_32s8u()” to do graphcut,not “nppiGraphcut8_32s8u()”.

I also recently implemented the graph cut feature in CUDA 8. I found that nvgraphwidestPath API can implement graphCut, but how to implement it is not known. Have you made it? Can you help me?