Seeking 20bit RAW Imaging Solutions


I am currently working on a project that requires capturing images in 20bit RAW format. I understand that many common solutions support up to 12bit, 14bit, or 16bit RAW, but my specific application necessitates higher bit depth.

Currently, I’m using a camera with an OX08BC GMSL2 interface. However, from my understanding, this interface seems to support only up to 16bits. I’m reaching out to see if anyone has experience or knowledge regarding solutions that might allow me to capture 20bit RAW images.

Some key considerations:

  1. Are there specific drivers or firmware upgrades available to push the OX08BC GSML2 interface beyond 16bits?
  2. Are there alternative cameras or hardware I should be looking into that natively support 20bit RAW and can be integrated into my current setup?

Any insights, recommendations, or experiences shared would be immensely appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!

Don’t support common 20bit raw but PWL compression 20bit is supported.
Also if you don’t need Orin ISP and only just need the raw data that could be supported too.


Hi ShaneCCC,

Thanks for your response. Actually, we don’t need orin ISP, instead we just need to capture and save some RAW images. So within this pipeline,could we get some lossless 20bits RAW images?

By the way in current driver does not implement the raw20 define you may need to add it by yourself.

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