Seeking Co-Founder for NVIDIA's Inception Startup Program to build Digital Twins Simulation XR

Hello Everyone!
My name is Shafi (LinkedIn at /shafilikecoffee or Shafi Karim)

I am in search of a developer (to potentially be 1-of-3 co-founders ) to join me in a long-term journey to build an XR + DeFi startup ecosystem that specializes in Digital Twins (data-visualized, real-world project feasibility) simulation software to capture my global AgTech pipeline. The primary focus is on empowering businesses that are pioneers of the food production sector for underserved communities.

I’ve validated specific business use-cases, nurtured a handful of (expected to be high visibility) pilots that we can get on the rails, and am active in warming up a spectrum of other incubation resources. Right now I’m laser focused on finding the right developer talent within this ecosystem that can leverage NVIDIA’s resources to the fullest, including putting an urgency and best foot forward for us to get accepted into NVIDIA’s Inception Startup Program.

About Me:
For the past 7+ years on independent but parallel tracks, I have been working in AgTech (food production tech such as aquaponics, hydroponics, aeroponics) & Blockchain (DeFi/RWA tokenization), waiting for the right inflection points to intersect the two. Using AR/VR as a conduit, the time is now. Innovative DeFi (Regenerative Finance) solutions that I will oversee, will complement the XR tech that I expect you to build and be the lead orchestrater of (incl. any considerations for Metaverse, Gamification, AI, etc.)

In conclusion, this is not an enthusiast commitment, but rather an opportunity to build something that is worth being a reflection of our legacies (if you resonate w/ the ultimate goal of using these techs to feed more people in need). I will lead the way in securing funding.

Feel free to DM me, connect on LinkedIn, and we can exchange email/phone from there. Cheers!