Seeking help with resources on RTX 2000 series engineering

Hello, sorry if this is the wrong place.

I am an undergraduate student taking a lab-centric physics class that is entirely E&M/circuitry focused. We were asked to find an electronic product and answer, in great depth:

  1. What the main components of the device are
  2. How the device works.

The professor didn’t accept the GPU as a generic topic. It will need to be 8-10 pages long so he is seeking a pretty in-depth report on how an RTX 2k series card (like the 2060 Super for example, which I own) works on a physical level. I don’t really know where to go for this type of information. Also, I’m obviously not seeking any information that hasn’t been made or can’t be made public, and the amount of information required for software or computer-science related details is pretty minimal.

Do enough resources exist for this, or should I pick a different product?