Seeking pricing and order info for 1U serer w/ 4 pricing and order info


I am new to the CUDA computing world. I can not find pricing and availability information for the 1U Rack Tesla server that is mentioned in various literature. (including:

Also, it is not clear if the H/W can do double precision floating point or just single precision floating point. I am sorry for this “newbee” question but any hints welcome. I have signed up to get literature and order info from NVIDIA but have heard nothing.


Please see:

Currently available hardware is only capable of single precision math.

I have already filled in the form you point to, but have heard nothing and in particular can not find pricing or order information. Just how expensive are these 1U GPU Rack Servers in a typical configuration?


It’s about $12k. Have seen this price somewhere a week or two ago.

ADD: Check this:

I am trying to see my order status but I was asking for the order number (which I received by email) and a password but I do not have any order password

The email that I received said I will receive another email saying when the order has been shipped but I have not received anything.