Seeking Suggestions for Suitable Avatars for Audio2Face Integration

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I’m in the process of identifying avatars or avatar features optimally suited for the Audio2Face pipeline.

So far, I’ve explored Ready Player Me avatars, but I have reservations about their readiness for Audio2Face integration. I’ve also considered the Blender Studio characters, but their aesthetic doesn’t quite align with the needs of my project.

What I am particularly interested in are avatars that offer a high degree of customization and aren’t too demanding on video RAM.

Any suggestions or recommendations would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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I would say Reallusion´s Character Creator.

But you need to work a bit with the facial setup ( and body also, if you want to use audio2gesture also ).

the video showing all steps, included also in above topic:


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Thank you so much for this @pekka.varis !

I will dive deep into it right away!

Nice! We are also releasing soon ( in few moths ) a Cineshare Wizard
that automates all the work in Omniverse with Audio2Face and Audio2Gesture with Chracter Creator´s characters.

But since you want a fully custom character, I bet you should at least watch the topic and the video above so you see what all it takes.

We have 16 characters coming there to choose from.
But you want to unique and that is cool!
Before you start going through all that blender stuff etc in the above video, please first check out that Character Creator is ok for you as a character design software:


ps. I also have a freelancer, trusty person who have done all the hard work in blender, after we together first found a full workflow.
If you want, I can lead you to him. you know if you are more to the characted design work and then the actual a2f & a2gesture creative work…

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Thank you for all the information @pekka.varis , I appreciate providing me solutons!

I will start wraping my head around the whole Reallusion’s CC workspace & will reach out for further questions/help!

Best regards,

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Any progress here ? :)

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