Seg fault profiling program using mcmodel=medium

I have a mixed Fortran/C program compiled with mcmodel=medium that I am trying to profile. When I use -Mprof=func, the program seg faults immediately. I used a small Fortran/C program for testing and found that when I remove mcmodel=medium, the program ran and produced profiling results. Does the profiler not work with mcmodel=medium? (I am using the 6.1 x86-64 compiler on SLES 9 - I also had the problem with the 5.2 compiler)


Hi Lisa,

Unfortunately, the 6.1 compiler does not support Profiling using “-mcmodel=medium” (See page 45 of the PGI 6.1-6 Release notes). We are looking at ways to support this feature, but I’m not sure if it will be available in the up-coming 6.2 release.