Seg Fault when running Python samples

I’ve been trying to get the started with Isaac by running the Python samples described here ( While the time step one works, whenever I try to run any that involve actual rendering, like the Load USD Stage one, I get a seg fault and errors saying that NVML has failed to load. I have included a screenshot of the error I see.

For background information I am accessing the sim via RemoteKit and am SSHed in to run the python samples.

Thank you and let me know if more information is needed.


When I had this type of error, it was because I was trying to render something without a display connected. (I was using a docker so it may not have been the exact same issue)
You may want to run the script with the headless argument, since you are connected using ssh there is no screen to render to.
On a side note, ssh -XC may work without the headless argument, but that’s not really viable.

You may also run into issues if you execute python code as root. For me, the last answer of this post solved it: Segementation fault when following Basic Time Stepping tutorial - #6 by Sheikh_Dawood.

If you want to access the simulator with the remoteKit check the sample simple/ and activate the headless mode.

Thank you, running this script headless resolved this issue.

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