Segfault after Capture Frame

Ubuntu 14.04
Quadro 3100M GPU w/ driver 352
Unity 5.1.3 application built for x86_64

The Linux Graphics Debugger is able to launch the application properly, and show some metrics.

Once I trigger “Capture Frame”, I get a warning that reads:

“Detected Unsupported operations that may cause errors or a crash during capture.
First seen unsupported operation: glDisableClientState (Classic attributes are not supported)”

Continuing past the warning indeed crashes. The log shows:

“5045 Segmentation fault (core dumped) DISPLAY=:0 LD_PRELOAD=a/b/c/ /a/b/c/abc.x86_64”

Any idea why this might be happening? (21.7 KB)

Hi AlejandroGT,

You mean you got a crash after press OK/Continue on the warning dialog box, right?

For more detail investigation and repro, could you share us your sample?


Yes, it crashes after continuing past the warning. A simple sample has been attached to the original post.

Attached here is the Binary, compiled on Windows 7, targeted at Linux. (12.1 MB)

I’m also experiencing this bug on several different programs. One of them is open source:
It’s Quake 2 but it’s been refactored to use semi-modern OpenGL so it doesn’t cause errors from the debugger.

On 64-bit build pressing “Capture Frame” causes the game to crash. 32-bit build on a 64-bit host crashes on startup. GPU is GT 560M, drivers tested were 346.47 and 352.55.

Also notable that if game is run under Valgrind it doesn’t crash but is of course unusably slow. It might be a good idea to make the profiler library Valgrind clean.

On another computer (32-bit host, 8800 GT, driver 340.65) it works but is pretty slow and the profiler doesn’t work.

Hi AlejandroGT,

I got your sample and can have the repro. Seems the crash happens on Unity’s, not sure how it related with LGD, will let you know what we found ASAP.


Hi AlejandroGT,

We just do some check, after the sample launched by LGD, it will prompt a warning that about ‘glDisableClientState’ when you try to do pause&capture, looks the crash happens on driver that it doesn’t allow such way.

Could you try to disable the usage of glDisableClientState in your sample and take another try?