Segfault in vkCreateBuffer

Hi, I’m currently trying to develop a raytracing app in vulkan. I did the vulkan raytracing tutorial (GitHub - nvpro-samples/vk_raytracing_tutorial_KHR: Ray tracing examples and tutorials using VK_KHR_ray_tracing) and I’m trying to create a version that separates different resposibilities in different classes instead of having a single big HelloVulkan class.

However, I found that when I try to create the buffers for the indices, vertices… using the exact same code of the example I get a segfault. It supposedly happens in the vkCreateBuffer instruction. However, that function only receives a VkDevice and the createInfo. I don’t understand how it can produce a segfault.

I’ve been debugging the code for 1-2 days now and I’m getting desperate. I don’t understand why is there a segfault. I even tried creating a buffer without the nvidia helpers (just calling vkCreateBuffer) and it didnt’ segfault so I am even more lost.

The code can be found in this repo GitHub - PinGunter/AstraEngine at abstraction-merger . It would help me a lot if someone could try to fix it.

The compiling instructions are the same as the tutorial.