Segfault with Linux 3.18/3.19 and GTX 960 with analog display

I have a, EVGA FeForce GTX960. It has a DVI port, an HDMI port, and 3 DisplayPort ports. My initial configuration with this machine was 1 monitor plugged in via the included DVI/VGA adapter, one monitor plugged in via HDMI, and one monitor plugged in DP. When I plugged the DP monitor in, the machine hard locked with flashing keyboard lights, and no video. I rebooted, and everything was working fine with the three monitors.

I then tried to hook up a fourth display to either of the other DPs. No matter which combination I chose, when I tried to start up X, the machine would hard lock with no display and flashing lights. I tried using earlier drivers, beta drivers, etc, with the same result. I tried the same setup under Windows, and it worked without a hitch. Additionally, in order to boot at all, I needed to pass the nomodeset parameter to the kernel at boot.

After pretty much giving up, today I tried removing the analog connection (VGA), and seeing if the issue was still there. Everything came up perfectly. I then plugged the analog connection back in after booting (so one of the DP ports was the primary display), and everything still came up fine. I then rebooted, VGA went back to being the primary display, and it all locked up again.

Finally, I tried using a DVI cable instead of the VGA cable, any everything works perfectly. It even boots without the nomodeset kernel parameter.

My conclusion is that when the analog connection is the primary display, everything gets FUBARed. I’ve attached the nvidia-bug-report.log.gz from having the analog hooked up. Now that I have everything running digital, it is all running fine, and at the very least maybe this will save someone else the heartache. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other debug information, since every time it kernel panicked, I had no display to see any trace info, and nothing was logged.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (32 KB)