Segmentation fault (core dumped)

kirk@Isaac:~/isaac_sim_unity3d/builds$ ./factory_of_the_future.x86_64 --scene Factory01 --scenario 8
Set current directory to /home/kirk/isaac_sim_unity3d/builds
Found path: /home/kirk/isaac_sim_unity3d/builds/factory_of_the_future.x86_64
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
Is this because my video card is not good enogh? GTX 1050

I would check first that your DISPLAY setting is correct.

Ok, how do I do that?

The DISPLAY environment variable may not be set correctly. You can try echo $DISPLAY to see what it is set to today. If it is empty, you could try “export DISPLAY=:0” and try running again. If the display is not correct, Unity will seg fault on launch like this.

it is 0, thanks