Segmentation fault error when running “from gi.repository import Gst, GLib”

I tried to use python to call Gstreamer to push streams and when I ran from gi.repository import Gst, GLib, I got segmentation fault error.
My python version is 3.8, GStreamer version 1.14.5 and pygobject version 3.38.0.How can I solve this problem?

It looks similar to
Jetson/L4T/TRT Customized Example -

We suggest try python 3.6. Or may also try 2.7.

My project requires python3.8 to run. Is there another way? Is it possible to upgrade the version of Gstreamer or Pygobject on jetson nano?

Or is there another way to stream RTMP using Gstreamer, as in python3.8, that accepts an RTSP stream, processes the image, and pushes it to the RTMP server?

For Jetson Nano, we would suggest use python 2.7 or 3.6 since it uses Jetpack 4 releases. Or you may consider use other platforms which use Jetpack 5 releases.

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