segmentation fault on kernel launch Kernel launch segfaults

I am launching a kernel in emulation mode. When the kernel is launched the program has a segmentation fault before any of the kernel code is executed. A stack can be seen below. The segfault also comes on different kernel launches which makes the situation even more peculiar.

My system is Ubuntu 7.10 with a 8800GTS 512.

Has anyone had similar problems?

43 0xb6f67116
42 _rtld_global() 0xb7f232a0
41 0x00000003
40 0xb6f691bd
39 0xb7046140
38 0x00000059
37 malloc() 0xb6f6afc0
36 operator new() 0xb71336a7
35 operator new 0xb71337dd
34 0xb7ee992f
33 cudaLaunch() 0xb7ee7ca9
32 __device_stub__Z17vertTransKernelV2P6float4S0_PP5uint2b() /home/eirik/workspace/ESubDiv/build/cudasqrt3.cudafe1.stub.c:25 0x080b2c2a