Segmentation Fault when Running A Code to Show Live Rectification of Omnidirectional Camera (Ocam)

Hi everyone.

I am very new at developing a software (much less in C++).
I am trying to build a software to show a live rectification (an undistorted image) of stereo ocam cameras.
I am developing based on the Rectifier and multi-gmsl cameras.

I managed to compile and run the source code for live rectification of pinhole cameras.
However, when I try to apply the same thought process for the ocam cameras,

It gave me a segmentation fault.
When I try to use gdb and Valgrind to debug, I found out that the “invalid read” error occurs when the function to initialize Stereo Rectifier tries to access, which my Valgrind identifies to be ???.

(I suspect that it is because the array for the Calibrated Camera Handle for the Ocam is much larger than that of the Pinhole)

May I know how I can solve this issue?
I am pretty sure I did not make any mistakes in my pointers dereferencing.

Thanks in advance!