Segmentation fault when there is sleep in the while loop


I am using vpi 1.1 and I run harriscorners detection on frame in a while loop. I put a sleep function in the while loop. It always run into segmentation fault after a certain period. the segfault always happen at the streamsync after the harris corners algorithm. any reasons for that?

Are you asking for DRIVE AGX platform or Jetson platform?

Jetson Thanks

Jetson AGX Xavier or Orin?
Which JetPack version you used?

Jetson Xavier NX, Jetpack 4.6

Moving to Xavier NX forum for visibilty.


Could you share a simple reproducible source with us so we can check it further in our environment?

Duplicated with VPI v1.1 runs into segmentation fault - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Xavier NX - NVIDIA Developer Forums

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