Segmentation fault

i’m trying to run a program from The program’s name is CALMET.

I succeeded in compiling it but when i run it i get:

Segmentation fault

Can you help me?? I have a Red Hat 9.0 linux distribution on a Pentium 4 2.60 GHz.

Thank you very much.
With regards.


Hi Ivan,

I’ve download CALMET. Please walk me through the steps you did compile and run the code so I can recreate the error. Also, please let me know which version of the compilers your using.


i just downloaded the calmet code and compile it commented out the part from SUN COMPILER and commented the part from LAHEY.
To run it i just wrote ./nameofthefiles CMET.INP .

Now, because the pc i described on the fisrt topic is my university computer now i’m trying to run the compiled files on my laptop where I have a Mandriva 2007 linux on an Intel Centrino.
I installed the Portability for 32-bit machine but i always get this error now

symbol lookup error: /usr/local/pgi/ undefined symbol: __pgi_trace

Can you help me with both the errors??
Thank you very much.