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Hi, @MicroSW

There is a python report interface that can help you analysis the report. Refer 1. Customization Guide — NsightCompute 12.5 documentation

Hi @veraj

I still cannot figure how to extract the memory usage information from report, would you please check internally and tell me the command?

I only want to extract and list the memory workload and its throughput per kernel from the report:

I have thousands of kernels, If I manually list them one by one, this is not possible for me. if there is command, I just extract the memory workload and throughput as this:

kernel 0: read 9MB, write 23, throughput 23G read, 56GB write
kernel 1: read 9MB, write 23, throughput 23G read, 56GB write
kernel 2: read 9MB, write 23, throughput 23G read, 56GB write
kernel 3: read 9MB, write 23, throughput 23G read, 56GB write

There are multiple options. You can export from the UI’s views, e.g. the Summary or Raw page. You can also export the relevant metrics from the ncu CLI, e.g. by importing an existing report using -i and then selecting the metrics with --metrics ...,...,.... You can optionally pass the --csv option. I would suggest to check the remaining CLI options. Using the Python Report Interface is the most advanced and flexible approach. There are several usage example on our github.

For most of these options, you want to find the relevant metric names, e.g. by hovering the links in the memory chart, using the Metric Details tool window, or the column headers on the raw page.

thanks, I will re-run my test later with the --csv output option. by the way, I exported my report to CSV in ncu-ui, and figured out the memory read/write sectors:

do you know what sector size? seems it is 32 bytes, also do you know where is the throughput column in CVS, I didn’t find it, and how can I calculate?

Yes, a sector is 32 bytes, see Quantities here.

I don’t follow the second question. If you e.g. export from the Raw page, you would have all metrics. Have you looked up the metric name for the throughput you are interested in, and then searched that in the csv file?

thanks, there are lots of throughput keyword in CVS file, but I didn’t find the soc memory throughput, I think it is calculated based on its read/write, and peak %:

I didn’t figure out how to calculate it based on peak % and sectors.