can I write in this python file?


I would custom my segnet model in the python file but I can’t, I don’t understand.
I have created, but my terminal don’t display the file, the path is good. And after I wrote juste a print("…") in the script, the programm is executed without problem but it doesn’t display the the print("…"). Anybody to explain me why.
PS : I have the right for reading and writing on this python file.



Hi @theo17300, if you made edits to jetson-inference/python/examples/ then you should also run the followin g after making edits:

$ cd jetson-inference/build
$ cmake ../
$ sudo make install

This will copy the updated script into the bin directory.

What is the location of your file? If it doesn’t have execution privileges, you should run it as python3 Or you can run chmod +x first to give it execution privileges.

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